With the Blue Diamond ethos, and as a qualified coach, I pride myself with delivering a constantly high service. But don’t just take my word for it…

Margaret, London Personal Coaching - Face to face & Phone
“I approached Melanie about her coaching services after reading one of her blogs on LinkedIn. We were distant colleagues who had originally met through internal leadership training sessions. During those courses, Melanie always made insightful, practical and down to earth contributions to those sessions so I was confident she would make an effective coach. Our coaching sessions helped me expand my professional network very quickly by building confidence, momentum, accountability and structure to kickstart my international job search.”
Michelle, Peterborough Personal coaching - Face to face & Phone
“Melanie’s coaching helped me to recognise what my main focus was at the time of our first session, quickly ascertaining my key objectives and to set myself a plan with deadlines to achieve them.

She pushed me to identify the resources I had available and in doing so I was able to set myself an achievable project plan with key milestones.

The segmentation of my plan made it easier to work one step at a time and I was successful in achieving my goal”

Emily, Peterborough Personal coaching - Face to face
“During our coaching sessions, we have approached a wide range of topics – from getting organised at home through to how to deal with difficult conversations with a line manager, and even challenging limiting beliefs. Whilst these may seem unrelated to an external observer, each of these elements has been instrumental in achieving the level of life satisfaction and contentedness that I am now experiencing.

Each time I tackle a topic during coaching, my confidence in my ability to achieve other goals grows. It has heightened my awareness of my inner resources, skills and experience, and increasingly I can identify ways in which I can use these resources to address development needs in other areas of my life.

Throughout our coaching relationship, you have always stayed true to my agenda – giving me space to work through my own thoughts and feelings on a particular topic, and asking purposeful questions to help me gain deeper insight. Even when I have been touching on difficult, emotional, or seemingly irrational thoughts, you have remained completely non-judgemental and given me the freedom to access my inner wisdom to come up with solutions to my own challenges.

It feels almost trite to state that this is life changing stuff, but it really is. I am thankful for this opportunity to play a part in your learning journey, and for the top-notch coaching! I have little doubt that you will go on to positively impact the lives of all of your current and future clients.”

Christina, PeterboroughPersonal coaching - Face to face
“After yet another unsuccessful internal job application and struggling with my AAT studies, Melanie kindly offered me some coaching which I was very grateful for to receive. As I needed help to get back on track with my study as I really struggled with the work/life and study balance and I really wanted to finish what I had started.

I have found those coaching sessions very beneficial for me, as it has helped me to have a more positive approach to my current studies and I ultimately completed my AAT level 3, which was a huge challenge for me.

To see and to realise that every task/issue can be broken down (What is my Goal, What resources do I have to reach the goal and then prioritise to achieve your goal) made me realise it’s not so hard and scary to reach the end of the task. It is just simple planning and sticking to it.

I have very much enjoyed these coaching sessions with Melanie and I will continue using these skills I have learned in my daily tasks and in the future.”

Colin, London Personal coaching - Face to face & Phone
“I was fortunate enough to have regular coaching sessions with Melanie over nearly a year. Looking back now to when I started, I can see that there were one or two core reasons causing frustration that was affecting different areas in both my personal and professional life.

Using different tools and structured conversations Melanie helped me identify these and then take steps to alleviate the frustration. Through the coaching conversations, I found that I became more in control of my situation, rather than it controlling me. Creating a thoughtful plan, sticking to it and monitoring progress meant I could see through the more immediate difficulties without them overwhelming me as they had done before.

There were a number of times during these conversations that I surprised myself with how I actually felt about my thoughts and answers during the sessions! Setting aside the time for a ‘proper’ conversation about a specific situation and reflecting on it from a number of different perspectives with someone I trust allowed me to really understand how I feel about that situation and how I would best manage through it. I have a tendency to put difficult thoughts out of my mind but the coaching has provided me with ways to recognize when I’m doing this and ways to work through them. I have grown more confident in taking decisions and organizing different aspects of my life.

One of the biggest revelations for me through our couching sessions was how frustrated I was with my work situation. I hadn’t really consciously realised that when going through day-to-day life. Coming to realise that frustration, exploring different potential ways to change that situation and then pursuing a well thought-through plan has given me a sense of empowerment and excitement about what’s coming next.

I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching sessions with Melanie. I hadn’t really experienced dedicated coaching sessions before, perhaps a bit through development meetings with my manager but nothing as a dedicated session, so I was a little unsure about what to expect. I look forward to the sessions now, knowing that I’ll come out of them with a way forward from the situation we discuss.”

Lauren, PeterboroughPersonal coaching - Face to face
“I’ve never been the sort of person to seek help and always felt I could do it on my own. Over recent times, I’d found myself stuck in a rut and not really knowing where I was going and struggled with feeling like each day was the same as the day before. I felt I had little motivation to change things and really didn’t know what to focus on first. At the start I was apprehensive to open up and explain my struggles without feeling weak or like a failure for needing that boost and losing my spark. But I got much more from these sessions than I expected. Each time I left feeling that stronger and had focus, drive and my motivation back.

Coaching has changed my perspective and made me realise that I have all the answers on how to get to where I wanted to be, I just need a steer and a push in the right direction to get them moving! I’m also less self-critical. It’s always easy to look at the short term and think you’ve not made a change or succeeded in something, but when you think longer and look at what you’ve achieved and done to get to that point you realise just how much you have accomplished. Those steps should not be forgotten.

My biggest breakthrough was realising and pushing myself to understand that not all changes occur overnight. Sometimes you push yourself so much to see instance changes and then get disappointed when you don’t see all the progress you want straight away. My greatest learning has been to change my mind set to understand that small steps in the right direction all add up and they are still progress and something to be proud of.

Melanie has been a great support and at times I’ve felt so stressed at the start of a session I’ve just wanted to cry. By talking to her and putting a plan together I would leave the session feeling motivated, less stressed and ultimately strong to know I could achieve what I wanted.”

Amin, LondonPersonal coaching - Phone
“The coaching sessions helped me in the following ways:

Take a step back and revisit the driver behind what I am trying to achieve and align them with my long-term objectives.

Validate my assumptions around things that are in my control and that are not.
Raise my awareness about the importance (mainly to me, not to other people such as family members and colleagues) of the activities I am doing

Review my operational values and motivations.

Finally the sessions helped me to slow down and let some of the less important things in my life go”

Judi, Peterborough Personal coaching - Face to face
“I have enjoyed my sessions with Melanie. She is a confident, capable person who organises her work very well.

I think the greatest benefit for me is that I have been able to focus my mind on subjects that have needed addressing. And in so doing, I have taken steps to resolve quite a number of issues. “

Paulina, BrusselsCareer coaching - Phone
“Melanie supported me through a number of challenges from helping to find work-life balance, through job change, participation in ad hoc projects and caring for my own well-being. Most topics we discussed ended in a successful resolution for me – I got accepted for a new role, ad-hoc project, developed a learning plan and created a routine to find time for myself & sports. Having someone supporting along the way added additional motivation and importance to my projects.

I became much more confident in a professional and personal life as well as more at peace with myself. There are obstacles & challenges that each of us faces daily, but knowing that with small steps you’ll get to results makes me more stress-resistant than before.

I feel happier and spread better energy around me. People see that I cope well with the many professional and personal projects ongoing in my life. My relationships at work and outside improved as I don’t feel overwhelmed and am more at peace despite the busy agenda.

Coaching exceeded my expectations, because it brought me tangible results and changed my way of perceiving challenges. In addition, having someone to “report to” on my personal & professional development goals made me more motivated to work towards them.”

Milena, BrusselsLeadership coaching - Phone
“Great coach! If you are looking to overcome a challenge, or need help to focus on what’s important, Melanie will definitely help you out. She will ask you the right questions and help you define your plan in a way you can act on it and succeed! I have known Melanie for many years, as a talented manager, a full time working mum and incredibly sportive, now, after a few coaching sessions I confirm, she is a fantastic coach too!”
Felicity, Stamford Business coaching - Zoom
“The coaching sessions I’ve had with Melanie have impacted me more than I could ever have imagined. I was 9 years into running my business but was in a terrible habit of coming up with ideas but not seeing them through. I was also in a position where I was eager to grow but was unsure of what direction to take.

My coaching with Melanie has not only helped me strengthen my ideas and plans of growth for the business but she has also helped me set my goals and targets, making sure I commit to complete them.

I feel mentally refreshed and have so much enthusiam back for my business. I now have a refreshed vision and a contrete plan to take me and my business forward.

I can really see the powers of coaching and Melanie’s techniques and skills of listening are beyond impressive. She has also challenged me and kept me accountable throughout.”

Heidi, Peterborough Business coaching - Face to face
“Meeting with Melanie on a weekly basis has meant that I’ve had to become very accountable for my actions. We spoke about my business and where I wanted to take it and from that we made clear goals. Actions to undertake these goals were then set and I provided Melanie with an update on a weekly basis.

For me this has been amazing and exactly what I need. Melanie also taught me to reaffirm what had been good since our last session so that I could see that I was making tracks with the business and myself. It is amazing to see how far my has progressed in this short time.

The coaching has also been really helpful as I suffer greatly with imposter syndrome and going through what has been good in between our sessions as well as discussing what types of work I have undertaken builds my confidence more.“



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