Enhance your communication skills

Communication can be so important to get right. Ultimately, we work with and through others and need to be able to communicate to get things done. It sounds like it should be simple, we’ve been communicating in various ways ever since we were born. Yet, it can be surprisingly complex to master good communication and [...]

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8 signs you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome

I’m always a little surprised when I’m asked what Imposter Syndrome is, but then I’ve been immersed in it for a while now. I share 8 signs you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome, whether you knew it or not. I first came across an article on it several years ago and I recall feeling immense [...]

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Do you have 2020 vision?

You’ve probably seen the “2020 vision” marketing tactic countless times across social media recently. I know I have. The fact that we’re now in the year 2020 and that 20/20 vision signifies good eyesight, is indeed clever and tempting to use across a variety of different applications. However, my interpretation of 2020 vision may differ [...]

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Powerful conversations with connections

Is conversation dead? With social media is as significant as ever, I had the impression that connections had overtaken relationships in terms of importance. I have built up almost 3,000 connections on LinkedIn alone. I’ve met some of my connections. Some I’ve even worked with, directly or indirectly. But the majority I don’t really know, [...]

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Confidence boosting tips for success

You may believe that we would have confidence fully sorted by this point in our lives and careers, but lacking confidence is actually pretty common. And it can understandably make a huge difference to those experiencing it. I consider why confidence is both a relevant and important topic, before focusing on 10 practical ways for [...]

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