Key skills to keep you safe & sane

Ironically, I had been planning to publish a blog on skills for success this week, but it seemed a bit trite with everything going on in the world right now. Instead, I have adapted this idea to cover skills to keep you safe & sane over the coming weeks and months. Many of these have [...]

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Stepping off the merry-go-round for reflection

If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to step off the merry-go-round when you’re in the thick of the day to day. Or even to imagine that it might be possible. Stepping off the merry-go-round for reflection Christmas seems to be one of the only times where many of us feel that we can do [...]

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Love what you do – do less of what you hate

Hate is a strong word and not one I’m a big fan of, if I’m perfectly honest. However, I’m using it in this article for impact, as well as contrast to things that we love. This is following on the back of a recent article on “Doing more of the things you love”. In simple [...]

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What are you putting up with at work?

To a great extent, I believe that that many of us are simply putting up with stuff at work. I talk partly from personal experience, but also from listening to many of those I come into contact with. Various sources point to approximately half of employees in the UK being unhappy in the workplace. Surely, [...]

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Love what you do – by doing more of what you love!

What do you enjoy most within your work? Many of us probably have a mix of tasks, some that we love and other bits that we, well, don’t love quite as much. These will differ by person and by role, and may also evolve for the same person at different stages of their careers.  You [...]

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Things to do when you’re made redundant

You’ve just been issued your redundancy notice. Maybe you knew this was coming. Maybe you had no idea and are in total shock. Below, I cover 10 practical things to do when you’ve been made redundant. 10 things to do when you're made redundant Know your rights & obligations Check the paperwork and do anything [...]

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Job Sharing as an opportunity to thrive in your work

One of my passions is helping people to Thrive in their current line of work. Attuned to conversations all around me, there are clearly a lot of people who are surviving, rather than thriving, in their work. Many people claim they’d love to work part-time hours, and some already do today. Yet this isn’t always [...]

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Mitigate health risks of modern work

Whether you're counting in days or years until your retirement, it's important that you remain fit and healthy to continue to be able to work for as long as you plan to. Modern working practices can often be pretty sedentary and pose a variety of health risks. This article has been written by Vic Paterson from [...]

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Great free & cheap resources for start-ups

Resources of some kind are required to do most things. This article is aimed at those who are tempted to Do Something Different and set up their own business Starting and running a business can be expensive, especially before you have a steady income stream. It can be easy to rack up expenses before you [...]

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