Job Sharing as an opportunity to thrive in your work

One of my passions is helping people to Thrive in their current line of work. Attuned to conversations all around me, there are clearly a lot of people who are surviving, rather than thriving, in their work. Many people claim they’d love to work part-time hours, and some already do today. Yet this isn’t always [...]

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Mitigate health risks of modern work

Whether you're counting in days or years until your retirement, it's important that you remain fit and healthy to continue to be able to work for as long as you plan to. Modern working practices can often be pretty sedentary and pose a variety of health risks. This article has been written by Vic Paterson from [...]

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Great free & cheap resources for start-ups

Resources of some kind are required to do most things. This article is aimed at those who are tempted to Do Something Different and set up their own business Starting and running a business can be expensive, especially before you have a steady income stream. It can be easy to rack up expenses before you [...]

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Working smarter, not harder!

Fancy working smarter, rather than hard? This sounds like a great proposition to someone as busy as me. But what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can I apply it in practice? Essentially, we could all work as many hours as there are in the day. Regardless of our occupations, there is often [...]

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The prospect of working until your late 60s

  Does the prospect of having to work until your late 60s fill you with fear and dread? The current UK pensionable age is 65 for men and 63 for women. Even these ages are set to increase over the next decade, resulting in many people having to work until their late sixties. Does this [...]

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Older workers – challenges and benefits

Older workers are no longer so unusual. We’re living longer and as a result may be able to and/or need to work for longer. However, the reality isn’t always easy. While there are some companies that are recognising the value of employing older staff this is not widespread right now. I explore some of the [...]

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