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I am an experienced Executive Coach, Career Coach & NLP Practitioner. I help professionals to excel in their current role or to identify their next challenge.

Following a successful 22-year senior management career in large financial services companies, I have first-hand experience of leadership, developing others and championing professional development.

During this corporate career, I also cultivated a passion for developing others, enabling them to reach their true potential.

Mid-way through my own working life, I took the plunge to follow my instincts and my dreams. I trained as a coach in 2017,  set up Blue Diamond in 2018 and ultimately left my corporate career in 2019.

I’m excited about the new professional journey I’m on & I look forward to working for the next two decades with renewed passion and energy!

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I’m also the founder of the Age Life Balance – Age Life Balance empowers mid-lifers to take control of their lives from a successful ageing perspective.

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Does the prospect of having to work until your late-sixties (or beyond) fill you with fear and dread?

Roll back the clock several years –  from one day to the next, I found myself in that very situation!

Blimey, was this really it for the next 20 years? Could there be something else that I was missing?

I feel very blessed that I found someone to help me through those murky days. Someone that helped me to gain clarity and even to find back my sparkle.

As the founder of Blue Diamond, I now empower other mid-career professionals to take control of their working lives!

I can help you to re-discover passion in your work & enjoy life more by helping you to identify your goals and the actions required to help you succeed.

If you’re seeking success or fulfilment, get in touch!


  • Diplomas in Personal & Performance Coaching, Corporate & Executive Coaching and Small Business Coaching (all at distinction)
  • CPD Accredited Coach – CPD Standards Office
  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP)
  • Accredited DISC Practitioner
  • Licensed Motivational Maps Practitioner
  • Degree in Business & French (BSc) – Aston University
  • MBA – Nottingham University Business School
  • ACA – Chartered Accountant
TCA Accredited Coach
CPD Accredited Coach
DISC accreditation
Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner


Institute of Directors

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce

Federation of Small Businesses

Opportunity Peterborough – Bondholder network

IOD MemberCCC MemberFSB Member


“ Coloured diamonds are much like snowflakes – a natural phenomenon of which no two are completely alike. Each boasts a unique shade and set of characteristics, but they do have two things in common: a stunning appearance, and a remarkable rarity. Among the most rare are blue diamonds….the stronger the colour, the more rare the diamond.”

Naturally Colored – Blue Diamonds Wiki

Blue Diamonds are rare and striking, making them desirable and highly valuable.

As the Blue Diamond Coach, I want to represent the Blue Diamond ethos for my clients, enabling me to deliver the high value they seek. I also aim to assist them to shine and set themselves apart from the rest.



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Blue Diamond – Empowering you to take control of work & life.